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All about Halong Bay information before you going there - Halong Bay Cruises - Halong Bay tours - Classy Travel Vietnam - Overnight on board, do kayaking/ Bamboo boat. Swimming in Lan Ha Bay, do cycling visit Viet Hai fishing village. Enjoy BBQ sefood on beach.

Tectonic history

Over 500 million years with geological changes, different in origin, sea encroachment and reclamation. Before that, Ha Long Bay was a deep sea area, but about 350 million years ago it was a shallow sea.

From about 11 thousand years ago, the Cat Ba - Ha Long area has a lot of archaeological evidence proving that there is a special connection with the development of ancient culture.

Geomorphological and geological values

Over 20 million years with many factors such as hot and humid climate and ideal elements such as thick, pale, gray and strong limestone layers have formed a Ha Long Bay. Bo Hon and Dau Be Island are typical examples of Ha Long Bay, which are a special combination of elements such as heat, humidity, separate elements of the great thickness of limestone.Conical tectonic structures, with steep slopes with an average height of 100m, with many peaks exceeding up to 200m.

Hundreds of stone islands with similar architecture are scattered around the bay, with beautiful and famous scenery. These islands are where alternating plains have been submerged by the sea. They are all height from 50 to 100 m. Some of the natural lakes in the Bay were formed because the area was submerged and surrounded by limestone islands. Typically, the area of ​​Dau Be Island has 6 closed lakes including Ba Ham located inside it.

And the empty mountain ranges that have created ancient caves include Sung Sot Cave, Tam Cung, Castle, Thien Cung, Dau Go, etc.And it was these empty caves that enabled the stalactites to grow, creating rare and beautiful masterpieces.Thien Cung and Dau Go caves are remnants of the same old cave system. Both have a height of 20 to 50m above sea level.

The next group of caves is caves with foothills of old limestone including Caves such as Trinh Nu Grotto with ceiling of 12m high above sea level. Bo Nau cave with horizontal tectonics, inside contains giant stalactite mines.

The third group is the marine notch caves that are a special feature of the karst of Hạ Long Bay. The dissolution process of sea water acting on the limestone and erosion by wave action crates notches at the base of the cliffs. In advantageous conditions, dissolution of the limestone allows the cliff notches to be steadily deepened and extended into caves. Many of these at sea level extend right though the limestone hills into drowned dolines which are now tidal lakes.

Not only visiting the Natural wonders of the new world, visitors come here as well as visiting a giant museum of valuable geology.

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