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Ha Long Bay has been recognized by UNESCO in many years as a natural heritage of the World, made up of thousands of magnificent islands for a truly magical experience. Ha Long Bay with its picture perfect landscape, is a very attractive tourist destination for domestic and international visitors.

Ha Long Bay is a unique heritage as its possess important traces of Earth’s history of formation and development, the cradle of the ancient Vietnamese people, and it is a work of art. A Truly mesmerizing creation of natural with thousands and thousands of rocky island scattered  around the bay, and interesting cave open your heart into a magical and mysterious world. Ha Long Bay is also a place of high biodiversity concentration with typical ecosystems along with thousands of extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna. This place is also associated with the cultural values – the heroic history of the proud people of Vietnam



There are some famous visitING point in Ha Long Bay:


A formation of two stone structures representing that of a pair of chicken cuddling together, Hon Trong Mai has become an indispensable destination when exploring Ha Long Bay. Having to withstand the force of the immense waves of the bay for millions of years, the two stone blocks standing ten meters high are poetic inspriration for many artists.


The strange shapes engraved on the wall  of this mysterious cave will make you curious and entice you to explore the cave that has existed for hundreds off millions of years in Ha Long Bay. Thien Cung cave is located in the middle of Canh Doc Island, 25 metters above sea level. The stalagmites and stalactites will become more sparkling and vibrant as you walk deep into the cave, the sounds will become more vivid when you lightly tap your feet to echoing through the depth of more than 30km into the cave. With a name like heaven, the beautiful and magical scenery in Thien Cung Cave is always praised under the pen of visitors.


With sparkling pearls, Ha Long Bay shines even more brighter between majestic rocky mountain and breathtaking turquoise water. Enhance your experience by taking your adventures to the largest pearl tanks and be enlightened by the process of producing the finest pearls and jewelry here. This place is dubbed as the “ Pearl Paradise” by many awestruck tourists that visit here.


Not only does this island make it way proudly in to the top of list of nearly 2000 large and small islands in Ha Long Bay but also the natural and artificial landscape is as picturesque and serene to all its visitors. Tuan Chau Island is also the only island inhabited by people.It is not only a “docking place” for most of Ha Long Bay ‘s sightseeing services but also a rewarding place for relaxation, sightseeing and fun for the whole family in the upcoming tourist season.


Located on the southern edge of Ha Long Bay, Bai Dong is the island adjacent to Bai Tu Long. Surrounded by a white sand beach, and a natural fresh water lake this astonishing that of the eyes of the dragon in a circular shape located in the middle of the mountain . Tourists started pouring into a capture the majestic view of this popular “dragon eyes”. It is believed that the dragon would open its eyes to protect the bay all year round maintaining its peace, soaked under the dazzling sun and the blue skies of the world that it was resting peacefully.

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