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Cat Cat village - Sapa trekking - Sapa tours - Sapa tour package - The North Vietnam tour - Classy Travel Vietnam. Overnight at Home stay, trekking through to Muong Hoa Valleys.

Overview of Cat Cat Village

Is a small village 3km walk from Sapa, with many different ethnic groups, most of which are Dao and Zay.On the way to the village is a beautiful view of terraced fields, green hills. A great place to come, going deep into the village. Picturesque scenery, far away are the high mountains of the Hoang Lien Son range.Spend a day in Cat Cat village to see the rustic, friendly life of ethnic people. Live with them one day, be a farmer with them to see that they have worked hard but are always playful and mineral.

How to know Cat Cat name mean?

In the early 20th century, the French discovered this land and turned it into a resting place for officials. The French transliteration is Catscat, the Vietnamese pronounced Cat Cat and it bears that name and is used to this day. By Cat Cat means waterfall, flowing from above to the white valley, beautiful.

How to trekking to Cat Cat

Walking into the village early in the morning is the best thing, houses lurking behind the morning mist, sometimes hidden. Following the steps is the field when high and low, far away is the peak of Phan Xi Pang.And thrilling visitors will experience, that is through Cau May, climbing, narrow on the river before entering the village.

Cat Cat Waterfall will become more green when autumn comes, far away visitors can hear the waterfall. It is like a source of water to cool the whole village, the air is always cool and fresh. It is the dotted line in the perfect natural picture of Cat Cat village with terraced fields when green and yellow.

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