Terms & Conditions






- All reservations must be made in writing via our official website or email addresses. All reservation requests will be handled/ replied within 24 hours. We will inform you in case we are unable to process your requests by the specified time frame. Upon receipt of your request, Classy Travel team will check and inform you about availability. 


- The reservation is successful when you received a confirmation from Classy Travel Vietnam with your deposit. Any emendation should be made in advance and be approved by us. 

- The reservation request should be sent by email or Booking Inquiry form to 

Classy Travel Vietnam

Add: 34 Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (+84.24) 39262599

Fax: (+84.24) 39262599

Hotline: (+84) 916 554 558 Ms Tina Nguyen (24/7 service)

Email: info@classytravelvietnam.com/ sales@classytravelvietnam.com

Website: www.classytravelvietnam.com



Step 1: Choose a Tour

Find our page, select your interested program and itinerary and then click “Book this tour” box at the middle of the tour and then follow instruction.

Step 2: Provide necessary information for your booking.

• Fill all enquiry information: your name, email, number of adults, number of children under 12 years old, type of cabin, departure date.

• This customer information helps us to contact you and send you a link for payment.

• If you have any special request (diet, vegetarian, allergic food…) should be clarified in mail.

Step 3: Send Your Booking Request

After filling the necessary information, click” Send” to submit your request to us. You will receive our response within 24 hours, in order to avoid any interception or loss, we recommend you to check your spam/junk mail folder. If you do receive the automatic email but later no one contact you within 24hours, it seems that our company has had a problem with outgoing emails, in this case please kindly resend the received automatic email to info@classytravelvietnam.com, or make a call to us our Consultant will reply you immediately.

Step 4: Booking process, price and payment.

After you received our booking information, if you are happy with it, please send us an email to inform your acceptance. Our sales staffs will send you payment link for deposit to reserve your booking. The remainder of the tour fee will be charged online or at our office 3 days before your departure date.

Step 5: Booking confirmation

Once we receive your payment (Deposit or full payment) an invoice will be send to you and email as a final confirmation of your reservation.

Step 6: Provide guest information and hotel address for pick up and drop off (if request)

After the final confirmation of your reservation, we request you to fill in a form to give us your and your friends’ detail, including your full name, year of birth, gender, nationality, passport number, and visa. We also request for the pickup and drop off address (if your hotel in the central) and special request on food.

We request you to provide this information to us at least one day before departure.



- To secure your reservation, a deposit of 30 % of the total tour price is required upon a confirmation of your booking. Once a deposit is received it is understood that you have read, understood and accepted all our Terms and Conditions.


 - A deposit of at least 30% of the total tour price is required upon a confirmation of your booking. Once a deposit is received it is understood that you have read, understood and accepted all our Terms and Conditions.

 - The deposit is required within 5 days of reservation or sooner, as specified by Classy Travel Vietnam. Tours are subject to cancellation and resale if required deposit amount is not received within the specified option period. 


 - Your balance should be paid at least 1 day prior to the departure date. So please kindly stop by, Classy Travel Vietnam office at No 34, Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam to settle. We open every day 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM. We are happy to receive your full payment in cash (VND, USD, EURO or Any currency Vietnamese bank accept). If you do not have time to visit our office in Hanoi, please inform our sales staffs so we can send another new link before your departure date.

- Payment in Vietnam Dong (or AUD, EUR) is to be made equivalent to the amount in United States Dollars at the official exchange rate of the VietcomBank at the time of payment.

- For credit card payments, a 3% bank fee is added for each transaction.

- The payment can be processed by 1 of the 2 options below:

Option 1: Online by Card

- We accept online payment by credit card, a secured payment gateway for Master Card, Visa but we do not accept AMEX card. We will send you secured payment links once when we confirm the booking.

- We connect with Payment Gateway to accept Online Card Payment. All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our system (merchant) with international security standard. We will send you the link to fill out the form and you will make the online payment through steps.

Option 2: Paypal

If you can’t pay online for us, we also have Paypal account. This is our account on Paypal; thienclassy@gmail.com, merchant account ID: KMVDWCAUSKVA2.

Kindly notice that our prices are not inclusive of transfer fees levied by your bank and oversea bank.


Travel ticket/Receipt/Voucher:

Travel ticket/Receipt/Voucher will be issued to you after we receive your confirmation and/or your deposit/payment.



In the event of cancellation, Classy Travel Vietnam will not impose any charges, as we strive to provide the best service and experience to our customers. However, if hotels or transportation contractors apply charges for cancellation, you will have to pay those charges that apply. Cancellation policies vary, depending upon the type of service, the time of year, and the reason for cancellation. We will pass on to you all details of any cancellation policy with our reply upon demand.



Cancellations and amendments for unused services that not fall to the policy of cancellation above are refundable. All claims must be made in writing only and must be received by Classy Travel no later than 15 days as of the last day of the trip.



Refunds, and their method will be effected as agreed between you and Classy Travel Vietnam  for unused services, and timely cancellations. Again, we will not charge you any amount for our work, however bank fees, if applicable, will be for your account.


Responsibility & Liability:

- Classy Travel shall not be held responsible for the loss of property or additional expenses sustained by customers due to unforeseen disasters such as earthquake, flood, typhoon, fire, disease, adverse weather, etc. or the act of governments or other authorities such as war, strikes, political chaos, riots, quarantine, customs regulations, delays or changes in itineraries or schedules by those out of our control.

- In addition, Classy Travel will not be responsible for any injury, loss, death, delay or damage to personal property that is not related to our services such as airlines delay. Classy Travel’s maximum liability, for any reason, will be limited to the amount paid to us for the requested services.

- Classy Travel will not be held responsible for loss, death, physical harm caused to or any expenses incurred by passengers if they deviate from our original tour itinerary or group.


Site accuracy:

All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of descriptions and information contained on our website. However, occasionally circumstances may subsequently change and in the event of any significant or long-term changes, you will be informed of these at the time of booking or as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before your departure.