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Sapa trekking tour more information - Sapa tour package - Sapa trekking tour - Classy Vietnam Travel - Visit Lao Chai, Ta Van Village, Muong hoa Valley - Overnight at Homestay, visit Phan Xi Pang Mountain.


Sapa is a town in the top of Hoang Lien Son Mountains of northwestern Vietnam. As a popular trekking base, it overlooks the terraced rice fields of the Muong Hoa valley, and it is near the Fanxipan Moutain – the highest mountain in the Indochina town. Fanxipan is climbable via a steep, multiday guided walk. Hill tribes, such as the Hmong, Tay and Dao make up much of town’s local population.

Sapa town at an altitude of 1560m above sea level, cool climate all yesr round. The average temperature in the summer here is about 21 degrees Celsius. Sapa with cool climate all year around is an attractive resort for all the visitors who love the mountains and want to experience the wild pristine features of the West North. Summer in Sapa is cool, the visitors can wear normal but still need a jacket. But in the Winter, it is very cold, the visitors need to bring very warm clothes, gloves, towers, wool hats to leace the cold in highland.

The weather in Sapa varies from day to day and each season so  the visitors need to prepare adequate clothes suitable for the climate.

In Sapa, houses made on the hills and mountains form a terraced shape, surrounded by flower gardens and vegetable gardens. A special feature here is that the pine needles are green all year round with cold breeze and night mist. Under the pine groves are lovely gardens with vine rosses wrapped in tangerine vines, peach forests blushing on spring, scattered with yellow pears, red plums, green apples, and so many vegetable gardens, gardens colorful flowers blooming.

Sapa is also very mountainous and cloudy. Screw cloud on pine branches, clouds on top, clouds under the canyon.


Sapa with four season always has cool weather and beautiful landscape but it most beautiful in some season:

 Spring in Sapa, thousands of forests of peach blossom, plum blossom and colorful blooms. If visitors want to come to see the peaches, please learn carefully before book the trip because the weather is different each year, peaches will bloom earlier or later than the previous years so probably visitors can lost the opportunity to admire that beauty. Tourists should go in about February until April or the first week of May is most beautiful.

Rice Season in Sapa, There is only one crop of 6 months, sowing seeds at the beginning of May. High green rice is about July to September, yellow rice is around October to December. If you want to go on vacation with rice viewing, you should go to about 7 – 9. Months, if around October to December, the weather may have turned cols and foggy. At these time of the season, the waterfall will flow strongly, very majestic.

Winter in Sapa is very cold. In recent years, the weather has been harsh, there is snow. White snow erases all creatures, house, even up to half a meter thick. Every winter, Sapa attracts a lot of travelers to Sapa to admire the snow.

Sapa also has Silver Waterfall with silver bouncing from the top of the mountain to a deep abyss, there is Cau May made of clouds mingled with clouds of sky and many other beautiful scenes such as Aquarium, Heaven Gate, Wind Cave, Truc Truc forest, Cat Cat Village.

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