Halong Bay Cruises

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Discover and admire the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay always brings interesting and unforgettable experiences. We are now divide exploring Ha Long Bay into 3 routes: Lan Ha Bay, Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay

- Lan Ha Bay (Cat Ba, Hai Phong) is like the second Ha Long Bay in the North with untouched beauty and exotic nature, this place is also considered as a "forgotten paradise". It stands out with the breathtaking beauty of about 400 dense, large and small islands, filled with interesting shapes and covered with trees. Located adjacent to Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha still has its own distinct beauty. This is the best choice if you are looking for another place in Ha Long Bay that there are not so many tourists going there. You can choose one of these cruises: Genesis Regal Cruise, Stellar of the Sea Cruise

- Ha Long Bay is the most popular sightseeing and explore typical route for tourists, but it is also the place that most crowded. The cruises here are long-established fleets with many years of experience in Ha Long Bay tourism services. There’s a Ti Top Island, it is the only island on Ha Long Bay with a view of a station on the top of the mountain. From here, you can admire a large area of ​​the Gulf space.

- Bai Tu Long Bay is gathered by the smallest mountains in the entire Ha Long Bay. Compared to the sea in the north, Bai Tu Long is more peaceful. The island system has high, low-lying islands bobbing on the water with hundreds of kilometers of coastline creating majestic and romantic scenery, especially at sunset. 

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